From Samsung Gear S3 Frontier to Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro 45 mm BT

I have a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and I’m thinking about changing to a Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro 45 mm BT.

The watch faces that I have created for my S3 Frontier, will they also work with the Watch5 Pro 45 mm BT?

Depends where have you created them.
Those made on Facer will work.
Those made with Samsung’s GWD/GWS will not work on wearOS watch.

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Thanks. I’ve only used Facer :slight_smile: Never tried Samsung’s GWD/GWS.
Do you have the link to GWD/GWS?


I think it is too late to start with that, when your watch is on end of its career and Samsung ceased to provide support for it, but I sent you message with some useful links.

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