Frustrated with faces not syncing

I really get frustrated that I have paid for this and have some great watch faces and then none of them will sync. There are days they do fine and days like today when nothing syncs. I’ve done all of the Troubleshooting. My husband doesn’t work either.
This issue needs to be worked on.

Hi there!

Which watch do you own? We’ll look into it for you.

I have a gear sport and my husband has the gear s3 frontier.
Thank you

@itsmeshelly1 sounds good!
When it doesn’t work, can you let me know what you see? is the sync button blue or red? is anything happening on the watch at all when you try and sync a face?

Its red and you get A message that it isn’t syncing and go here for help. I’ve gone there and do everything it says. It still won’t work.
There are times it syncs fine but others that I can’t get it to work no matter what.

So right now it was working and I just downloaded a bunch of faces but then sometimes it doesn’t matter what I do it won’t sync and stays red.
Its very confusing.