Frustration with website

I’m enjoying using Facer to create my own watch faces and see other users’ watch faces, but I’ve experienced a few frustrations. If I look at a watch face on the Facer app on my phone and like it, I can add it to my favorites, but if I find it on the Facer website, I cannot. Even if I sync it to my watch, it doesn’t have a means to be marked as a favorite. At this point I have not been inclined to purchase any because there’s more than enough great stuff for free. THANK YOU! The free syncs do not show up in my purchases either. Finding the ones I like a second time is not easy either. Even if I put in the exact title of the watchface I like, not only does it not show up early in the list, but sometimes doesn’t show up at all. The phone app limits the number of hits to even fewer than the website,
One other complaint (but don’t think I’m not thrilled with Facer). I’ve designed over 100 watch faces myself. Some have been fairly popular. If I direct somebody to my designs, the website shows a limited number in an order starting with the most recent designs.It shows moving lines indicating more will load, but they don’t. Some of my best designs are therefore not available for easy viewing.

No sooner did I voice this frustration, than my entire design collection loaded easily. Strange isn’t it? :slight_smile:
However, my concerns about not being able to mark a design I like from the website as a favorite, remain.

@Facer_Official has stated that Adding to Favorites from is a feature that’s on the way.

100% agree with criticism regarding poor searchability. This issue has even influenced how I name my watch faces. For example, Your Name had such poor searchability that I named a design Taki and Mitsuha, because “Taki” returns the right hit.

On-demand loading is probably a scalability necessity, but frustrating when combined with recency loading first. 5 most recent plus 15 most popular might work better, but may not be a development priority since 20 most recent “sort of” works…