Full information clock

Hello. I had more time, so I created an information clock - what could be put on the dial so that it was understandable, clear and legible.

It will please your opinion.


12/24 clock, date, all weather info: sunrise-sunset, max - min temperature, current temperature, altimeter, kcal, battery mobil and watch in color, steps, km/mil., wind: wind force - wind direction, humidity, moon.

Disadvantage: Many sensors are running at once, so the battery lasts one day.


Very well put together, well done @marco69h :+1:
One thought is that some of the Text may be a little too small :thinking:
Still a very nice Face though :clap:

Falcon eye style :sunglasses: , i like it , iā€™m a lover of full info faces all is well placed just 2 little things, one since you got seconds in digital the round bar is unuseful and the progress battery bar have the percentage sign on the end so the number on bar are better as only numeric , all in all great work.

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thanks for the info ā€¦ I fixed ā€¦ The less unnecessary progress bar, the less battery charge :slight_smile:

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perfect :+1:nice job

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Cool design, love all the information on it. Good Job :slight_smile:

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