Full Working Watch

Hi guys i been woring on this all day and finally have all the mechs working but now cant decide what sort of case to put around it if any help please.


Whoa! What’s cool is that you can use the innards as a base for multiple faces and just let certain elements “peek” through based on the design of the case part you design. I’d make a bunch of diff cases for it and cover up different pieces on different faces.

But by changing the background color (the red part) and possibly some of the others, you can use this as the core for a fancy hi-end look or a mechanical, rugged type of look.

Good luck!

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Wow, I agree with Rator. This open up multiple different looks but the one that would excite me most would be polished up silver and gold gears making this looks like a very high end looking piece (including gemstones)

Maybe a face that rotates to expose different parts if you want to show it all of in one watch. Maybe even what gauss did with an option to show or hide the innards?

Well done mate. I wish I could make that. Would love to know the code for some of it lol

Wonderful! It must have taken you ages. Well done!

Looks great…

Thanks guys i made a few changes taking into account your feed back check it out now try clicking on the center of the face i think thats what Dave was talking about plus i cleaned up all the gears. see what you think and let me know please.


I love it, That whole animation thing a few of you have started doing is that a premium function.I dont remember it in my month trial of it. Also (Cheeky ask) any chance i can get the code for the lower left gear that just goes left right left right ???

cool thanks i will just tidy a few bit up and release it today

No Probs Its called a balance wheel and the code is simple just add ((sin(#DWFSS#)60)/1) to the rotation the spring at the back is important to make it look right and the basic code you would need for that is
Width ((5
Hight ((5

Rotation (175+(deg((#DWFSS#)/31)))

Hope that helps mate


oh and the picture slide thing is very easy i think you need premium to use the variable switch not sure if its not then it possible to do it anywhere

Wonderful! Very beautiful and impressive design!

Thank you mate, i’ll make a note of that code and have a look at the face slide, might have to go premium again :slight_smile: