Fun with formulas

Yes, I got plenty of help for the movement part from Mr C. Geepeete :slight_smile:


That looks great, well done :+1:
Maybe add a darker circle on top of the Batter Gauge :thinking:

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Wonderful watchface. A little help for a newbie, can you tell me what software you using for the 3d assets? I normally use photoshop for the 3d effects and it’s not helping.

My only rule for watch face making is: no laptops. If I can’t do it comfortably sitting on the sofa it would feel too much like work.

So I do it all on my iPad. This limits I my choices a lot.

I use Art Studio Pro mainly and I do all 3D stuff in Nomad Sculpt.

If I were forced to use a PC I’d use photoshop and blender.

I’ve an android tablet, I’ll try nomad sculpt. Thanks for the help