Galaxy 4 classic

Since last update steps on watch face remains 0 yet works on bezel steps feature. What do I need to turn or off? If there is a permission I am missing I cant find it. Thank You

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First off, try a simple reboot of your Watch & Phone, this can often resolve a lot of issues.
Then make sure you have all Permissions granted for Facer and any Health/Fitness Apps you may have, on both Watch & Phone. Having GPS Location turned on may help as well, not 100% sure about that though.
Hope this helps you, and in the meantime, I’m sure others should soon comment as well ok :blush:
I also have GW4 Classic: I love it :smiley:


In addition to what icrltd4 said:

set any Samsung’s watchface then switch back to Facer.
It kick-starts steps count.


This always works for me.
Push and hold face to swap back to a stock (samsung) face let it load up. Then swap back to the face of your choice.