Galaxy a9 plus cant send watch face

Galaxy s9 plus cant send watch faces

Can’t send watch faces to gear s3. Was fine on s7 edge nougat. Please help

Hi! sorry about that!

What happens when you press the sync button? Does anything happen on the watch? Is the sync button blue or red?

It just says cant connect with gear. But watch maker is exactly the same. So I’m thinking, prob wrong, but ot may be oreo?.

I’m having exactly the same prop. S9 plus. Gear s3

Sorry crossed lines lol. Watch land also the same, but that does play up any way

@jackos_100 if the Gear App says it can’t connect that is indeed outside of Facer’s reach. Are you saying since you’ve updated to Oreo, you’re having trouble with the connectivity overall? We could ping Samsung about this.

The gear app is connected to my gear s3. I had an s7 edge nougat, every thing was ok. The weekend I had a new s9 plus with oreo. Now Facer doesn’t even lode up correct,on my phone. I pick my watch from list ,gear s3, then i can pull pages from right. It’s telling me to down load companion app,which I have already done. Then thats it. Everything was fine on my s7 edge before I reset my watch?.

When you’re saying “that’s it” after it’s telling you to download the companion app, what do you mean? Do you not see a “Next” button at the bottom right of that screen? If you could share a screenshot, that’d be great!

It says now your all set. Perhaps it’s me,but can’t seem to get any further. I can swipe, back and forth, to the other pages but get to all set you are ready to explore. I am stuck.

Got it - I think it’s a bug affecting Facer 4.5.10. The new version is releasing today (4.5.11) in Google Play and should fix it!

Can you share a screenshot of what you see on that “You’re all set” screen though so we can confirm it’s that same bug?

No probs where do i share it. Not my day is it lol

Is that ok ?

Yes - it looks like you’re using a custom font on your Android device? Facer 4.5.11 may prevent that issue from happening, but if you disable that font or make it smaller it should fix the issue too.

You got it. Just updated. It’s fine now.
Thank you


Hi! I have the same issue. I am using Note 8. When I press “Send to Watch” button for a custom face I have created, it spins a few moments and then nothing happens. How can I get my face to my watch? I am logged in with the same account on both my phone and in my browser.