Galaxy One UI 6 problems

I recently installed the Galaxy One UI 6 beta on my 6 Classic and cannot get Facer to load. I can go through the basics but it will not establish a face and therefore I cannot keep it set to Facer. Does anyone have suggestions?

Hopefully you can revert back to One UI 5 to fix the issue.

Thanks! I had to resort to doing a reset of the watch and then working with it some to get things back to “normal”. The watch is still set to One UI 6 beta but at least it is not restarting on its own and I can get Facer to work on it. Still a little glitchy but it is a beta after all. Besides, I’m most likely going to be trading it in for a 7 Ultra in July/August so it only needs to get me by until then or until UI 6 is officially released whichever comes first.

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