Galaxy Watch 3 and Facer lagging


Im on latest firmware in my Galaxy Watch 3 and latest facer app, but it always lags or keep catching up time when i turn display on (wrist or buttons). I reinstalled everything with no success. When do you will update the tizen facer app?


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I have a Gear S3 Frontier, a Galaxy 1 46mm and a Fossil Carlyle and all of them lags just a little when first going active. You can minimize that by turning on AOD, but at the cost of battery life.

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I have the same problem with my original Galaxy Watch, and I beleive all legacy Tizen watches are affected.

I recall that facer advised in another thread that the Facer guys collaberated with Samsung & Samsung knows of a bug in their software which causes the issue, but they never released an update to fix it. I suspect there will not be any more legacy watch updates, and I think Facer expects this. So the best they could do is modify the app so that AOD mode minimuzes the issue.

This is not only a problem with Tizer - Galaxy Watch 3, but also Galaxy Watch 4. And I admit, it makes me angry.