Galaxy watch 4 calorie counter and weather source

I saw you have fixed the samsung step counter issue.
What about the same in calorie counter? It’s off.
Also can you add the ability to change source for weather report?
(Like in thema watchfaces in play store. They can show every samsung health data and even able to select weather source so you can match it with default samsung (weather channel) source.)


Welcome to the Facer community. The calories burned count is figured off of the step count, so in reality it’s a calories burned walking count. Facer uses and it cannot be changed. On health data Facer can only show heart rate and steps, any health reading you see on a Facer watch face is figured using an expression to change them into the desired reading.


Yeah but the implementation of Samsung Complication and selector would be nice because you would be able to get any Samsung Health data or even the default weather data provided by Samsung (weather channel) or any other you install.

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… Going down the only road we’ve ever known…


But how would that effect all the non-Samsung watches in its implementation? I’m sure it would mess with all the TicWatches on here. That would be like doing the Google Assistant on Samsung Tizen watches. They haven’t even got that working yet on the Galaxy 4 yet and it’s WearOS now.

Why does it have to effect other watches? It could just check for the watch or the user can tick a box to use complicatioms instead the defaults. It’s a couple of if clauses.

So. WearOS3 exists for 1 watch only and Facer is suddenly to cater for all the new features available and release them in an instant?
They are already experiencing issues with existing features they need to resolve for WearOS3 watches before they can start to even think about new features available.
You can’t just split the codebase in 2 and halve your developer crew for each. You also can’t litter your code with if old do this else that without serious review.
It may be necccessary with WearOS3 as it will be years to become the norm but baseline functionality is first.

Calm down boy. Nobody said to hurry or if it is needed instantly. It was a polite request.
Also I don’t think you have to split the code its already working fairly well with wear os 3, just a side implementation of Complication.