Galaxy watch 4 can't Tap watch face and change colors

I have the galaxy watch 4 classic and for the faces it’s an option to tap the screen and change complication colors, or theme color. The theme will change directly from the app, but still can’t change the complication colors by tap, or anything via tapping. They will randomly work here and there and move a color or a cpl but that’s it.

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You might want to touch base with the creator of the watch face. They may have added a locking function that turns on all the other tap spots. Usually when that is done you have to touch one spot first before you can use the others. Then touch that same spot again to turn the other touch spots off.

I see a lot of comments from Galaxy 4 users specifically that have issues with not being able to tap activate the customizations. This has me wondering if Galaxy 4 has an additional level of permissions in the settings that need to be properly configured to allow for the taps to be active.

But the other thing is most people don’t read the descriptions or look at the pictures containing tap instructions that are included with the published face. More often than not it seems users don’t know where they should be tapping the screen.

But I do get more comments about that from GW4 users than anyone else do it makes me wonder. I wish someone would post a step by step setup guide specifically for the using Facer on the GW4 that could be available to link to as a reference.

Since I’m a free Facer user I can’t do any testing like that with my Galaxy 4 Classic, but as for the regular triple tap to change faces I’ve not had any problems. I’ve considered upgrading, but with my expenses due to COVID I don’t have the spare cash to do it yet.

Yeah, I user Facer premium since the galaxy watch 2 I had the 2,3 and now the 4 classic. The triple tap works its when there’s a tap to change the complications feature that’d an issue. And sometimes it’ll work but only once or for like 10 seconds and then stop. And it’s not just one face I’ve tried 10-15 its on all of them.

I also wish someone would post an acknowledgement over the fact theirs known bugs/problems etc.

Bear in mind that the Galaxy 4 is the only watch with Wear OS 3.

It sounds like you need to get help from @Facer_Official on that one, you can contact them at: or email them at:

Well if you hear anything about it, or a way to fix it please post it here.