Galaxy watch 4 classic limitations

Hi guys,

Just wondering, if any of you faced an issue with the Galaxy watch 4 classic. I only have space for 4 watch faces on my facer app. Previously with the Galaxy S3 frontier I was able to download 10 free watch faces but with the Galaxy watch 4 classic it’s limited to 4 only, anyone know how to adjust the number of watch faces that I can store on my watch and get 10 instead of 4?

Thank you

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Welcome to the Facer Community pages. You are seeing the difference between WearOS and Tizen. You will still have all the faces you just access them slightly different. After tapping three times to see your faces, slide all the way to the right just past the last face that shows, and you will see a circle with a plus sign in the middle. Tap that and it will show you the rest of your faces. WearOS only shows the current and the last three faces you used until you tap the plus…


Google and Samsung worked pretty closely on the galaxy watch 4 classic so I would think it supports everything that part of the latest wear os. At least that’s what I was led to believe but I could be wrong… I can’t find any face with more than 2 settings and they are 12 hour or 24 hour and that’s after paying for yearly premium.

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Some times you have to find a designer who makes nice Interactives like B#. Do a search for Chronograph.