Galaxy Watch 4 Compatible Issue

Hello all!

Recently I bought a galaxy watch 4 and I have noticed that the faces are not showing weather / accurate hearth rate and pixels are distorted.

Any of you having the same problem?

Best wishes

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Welcome to the Community KeremCan, there’s lots of helpful people here and plenty to learn, so I guess someone will be here soon to help you with your problem. In the meantime, have you tried a simple reboot of your Watch? That works sometimes I’ve recently heard.

I’m having the same issues with mine. ive tried restarting the watch, uninstalling facer and reinstalling.
I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled on my connected phone.
I’ve tried many different watch faces thinking it might be a glitch on some of them but no success.
but if install a face from the play store that one works just fine

There’s a known issue about health data, but weather should work fine I think in GW4. As for distorted pixels, I don’t have a GW but I remember there was a graphics setting somewhere on my old Frontier, and if it wasn’t set to “high” most 3rd party watch faces looked really distorted. Worth checking into maybe.

Weather hasn’t been working on gw4.
It’s posted in several other forums.
When I first installed facer on my watch I had the weather on the screen but I noticed it never updated. After I Uninstalled and reinstalled not our doesn’t display any weather

I am in the same boat with you.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. My current Facer watch-face is SF Hydra. The weather module seems to be in sync, but the steps has me in doubt. I noted the following stats as found on my hardware when I compared them at the same time:

Samsung Health App: 13995 steps
Google Fit: 12870 steps
Reported on my Facer Watch-Face (SF Hydra): 12232 steps

It is the lack of cohesion that troubles me.

Welcome to the Community @alligoodw :wave:

I have both a Fossil gen 5 and a Galaxy watch 1 and an S3 Frontier. On both watches if I wear one on each wrist the Fossil will end up with almost double the steps that the Samsung watch has. On both my Samsungs with the Facer app running, it will become unstable and if I check the time after a few hours. Then Facer restarts before showing me the time. On my Fossil the battery runs down faster than it does with Fossil watch faces. Facer is close to being a great watch face app, but it still has several shortcomings. This is just my opinion, your mileage may vary! :laughing: