Galaxy Watch 4 Heart Rate Errors

I don’t know if this will fix the Facer heart rate problem on GW4 watches or not, but if the Galaxy faces can be fixed by this work around, maybe Facer can also. You can find the ALLSTARSPACE video here on YouTube: NEW SENSOR “Fix” By Samsung SUPPORT! (Galaxy Watch 4)


Hmmm… I don’t have problem with that… I have auto workout detections turned on, all of them, I like that feature.

With workout auto-detection turned on, heart rate shows correctly (live heartbeat) with Samsung native watchfaces, with Timeflik watchfaces and with Samsung workout apps.
I have contacted Facer few times and asked if they can figure out how Timeflik solved that problem. Never received a response.

Or maybe you are talking about some other heart rate problem and I’m missing the point?

I wasn’t having issues, but I never wear faces with heart rate. I keep my watches set for every 10 minutes at rest. So, if I am wearing a face with heart rate Samsung or Facer, that reading can be as much as ten minutes ago. If I want to know my heart rate, I want to know it now, so I just use the heart widget instead and select “Measure”. I was a General Motors Service Technician for 20+ years and have become OCD about “accurate data” over the years. Step count isn’t as dependent on being “right now” as much as heart rate is.