Galaxy Watch 4 Heart Rate

I just installed Facer for the first time on my new Galaxy Watch 4. Unfortunately the heart rate is not accurately displayed. It takes a value of some kind when you select facer as the face, and then it simply remains static. I’ve checked all the app permissions and it has full permissions to Samsung Health and Complications data, so that’s not the issue. Anyone know a workaround? For now I’ve gone back to stock faces because of this issue.


Your Heart Rate on your Facer Watch Face is not coming from Samsung Health. So it will be different from the Samsung Apps on your watch. It seems there are a few issues for GW4 it is early day for it all to be sorted. Do not lose Faith.

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Welcome to Facer! Go to your watch settings and tap on Apps, then permissions, then Facer. Allow physical activity and all the other things.

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