Galaxy Watch 4 step counter

Hey guys. I am new here and I purchased a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Every single watch face that I have tried until now, does not count the stept accordingly. I made sure to choose Samsung health in the menu as well. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.


the facer (and other third party that is not s-health partner) watch faces do not get the steps from s-health app, but count them on their own. So the values are different (at least on the first day, but probably all the time).

True. Thank you for the information. That’s very strange. How come it asks for a health app then? I will do some testing and see if a fresh day start will have the same step count.

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Hello there. For me it’s the 2nd day with a facer watchface and still there is a difference between watchface and s health

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Hey! Yes, it seems that they will not sync… Which is unfortunate.