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Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and PIN

Upgraded from Galaxy Watch 46mm to Watch 5 Pro. When using the old Watch, only needed to enter PIN when using Samsung Pay. Did not have a PIN set for unlocking the watch. So, security was separate for the watch and for PAY. On the Watch 5 Pro, I have to use a PIN to use the watch at all…if I delete the general PIN security, Samsung Pay gets reset. Am I missing something? Is there no way to NOT have a general screen lock, and only require a PIN for Pay?

I see the error of my ways (and thinking). My wife complained about frequently having to enter her PIN while wearing her Watch4, and when I experienced an unexpected PIN request, I thought it was a problem for the Watch5 as well. Turns out that her Watch4 does not fit firmly on her (tiny) wrist and the watch kept requesting a PIN. I reinstalled PAY, and snugged up my band, and have not had a problem since doing that. After I charge the watch, I put it on and enter the PIN. Then, as long as I have the watch on my wrist, I don’t need to enter the PIN again until I want to use PAY. This is the same way my old Watch 46mm worked and that level of security is fine with me. Sorry for the originally incorrect assumption.

Final Note: After working with the Watch5 and using PAY, I have discovered that once you enter your PIN when first putting on the watch, you don’t need to enter the PIN again, even when using PAY.

I don’t know, but maybe @kvansant could advise, he has the GW5 now as well.
If it’s any consolation, Pin has to be set on the new Apple Watch 7s to be able to use Pay as well.

To use samsung pay on watch you must set security to pin or pattern. I have watch pro 5 and just use pattern. Click on the settings gear cog and scroll to security, then set lock type to pattern. If you previously had this set to pin, you may need to enter this first to reset it to pattern. This is same as watch 4 i think.

I haven’t set up any pay stuff on the watch yet so I haven’t encountered the security issue. But if I have to use a pattern or pin simply to wake up the watch I won’t be using Samsung Pay on it, that’s for sure. I hope that’s not the case!

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Both Samsung Pay and Google Pay ask for security.

That’s why I’m not using my watch for payments but I guess it has to be like that.
It’s a common sense to secure payments but - if I could - I would use it without security.
So they are stopping me to do dumb thing… :rofl: :rofl: