Galaxy Watch 6 classic again

I was for a while ago complaining about my watch was not showing the steps and I had a problem with sleep mode to. Now suddenly it looks like the problems has suddenly gone. Has anyone else seen or heard about any fix been made?

Have you updated it in the meanwhile?

My problems were gone when I updated watch to UI 5 and phone to UI 5.1

At the moment, when I turn the watch OFF/ON, steps (only on Facer) stop working, I have to change watchface to any samsung watchface then back to Facer and it starts working again.

Not updated anything myself, just suddenly happened. Maybe updated automatically. I hope it stays this way, don’t want anymore surprises now. I only see the steps is a bit slow to show up, but they are there for sure.

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It’s always the same story when new watch comes up.
It takes some time for everything to start working properly.

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