Galaxy watch 6 problem

Hello everyone and thank you for embracing me into your community! :smiling_face:

So, after last app update (at least, it seems to me since then) I can’t send watch faces to watch anymore.
Both apps (on the phone (Xiaomi Poco X5 Pro) and companion app on the watch) are updated, watch is connected to phone via Bluetooth and everything else seems to be working fine.
But whatever I try watch faces cannot be sent to the watch!
I’m using Premium Facer app 7.0.18_1106020 and watch app 7.0.18_1106021

Everything was working fine until 10 days or so…

Please help, any suggestions are more than welcome.

Thank you very much in advance!


It might be the phone itself that is causing the issue since Xiaomi is on the banned list for U.S. companies to deal with and Facer is a U.S. company.