[Galaxy Watch] Gyro Failure on Facer Only

When trying to create a new watchface, I was unable to get any combination of the expressions regarding gyro and acceleration to work. So I thought, ‘well let’s look up the tutorials and download the test faces to see them working.’

Well, long story short, no gyro watchfaces through Facer work on my Galaxy Watch.

I can get some to update maybe a couple times a minute, but they dim the screen for a frame or two (fraction of a second), then update. I know that isn’t normal because my dim timer is set to 1 minute.

Faces downloaded through the wearable app work just fine. I also opened up the Galaxy Watch test menu and played with the gyro sensor test, and everything there seemed to work perfectly. All 3 dimensions were properly working.

Any ideas on how to fix? I have reinstalled Facer on the watch, already.

Hey. I just wanted to post the exact same issue for the galaxy gear S3 frontier. It seems that the gyro values get updated only once - at the moment the display turns on. I’ve tested this by making a watchface with two text boxes with x and y values for different gyro functions.