Galaxy Watch Support

I am a creator and I have a premium watch which is getting reports of not working on Galaxy Watch 4 and 6. Does anyone here have a Galaxy Watch that they could test it with me? I use TicWatch by Mobvoi and have zero issues. Thanks in advance!

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From what I am seeing while inspecting your watchface is only the health app link and the date change links are working. All the others appear to be dead. Most likely a recent Facer update has broken the functionality of your watchface.

I appreciate you looking and informing me. I will look into updating these elements.

If you still need help message me, we have galaxy watch 4 at home I could help you test it! We need to help each other if we can! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I went back today and inspected it again and it looks like you have it fixed now.

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