Galaxy Watch - Tizen 4.0

I’m happy to report that after 24 hours, Facer is working well with the new Galaxy Watch running Tizen 4.0. I haven’t encountered any shortcomings so far.
This is a great watch with amazing battery power so far. After 24 hours with always-on display and lots of use setting up new faces, I was nervous about the new Tizen OS and Facer, but no worries. All looks good.


do you have the 46 mm ?

I did order one to replace my G3 Classic :slight_smile:

BTW the S3 also will be upgraded to Tizen 4.0 soon but I did understand 4.0 is more of the same and not really adding new goodies… not that I need them Tizen works pretty well imho

Yes. 46mm Bluetooth. My G3 is an LTE with Verizon, but I hardly used it away from my phone. Some runners might benefit from the LTE, but the downside was waiting for Verizon to update Tizen well behind the Samsung updates.

True. The Tizen 4.0 will be available for G3 I’m sure. The greatest plus for me so far is the remarkable battery life. Only 24 hours of testing so far, but I’m seeing similar reports of battery life on other posts. The enhanced sensor on the Galaxy Watch seems to be giving me much better fitness tracking so far. I’m waiting to see if Samsung enables APIs to monitor blood oxygen with the new sensors as is rumored. I’m wearing a FitBit Versa on the other arm and tracking with Galaxy Watch (steps, heart rate, distance, floors) seems to be much better than my S3 so far.

I also tested the processor upgrade. About 40% faster at transferring music, photos and watch faces compared to the S3.

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Great to hear it’s working fine so far on the Galaxy Watch! We’re running tests as well on our side but if you see anything funky let us know!

Transfer speed on the S3 is indeed slow… but from the other hand, I did put a few Gb music on it and a few pictures and don’t transfer much anymore… Battery is the biggest USP for me, I run the S3 for 2 day’s without problems but one or two day’s more would be nice.

I hope to get mine next week (did order it here in Holland and were a little slow on that) :slight_smile:

Glad yours is working fine and I hope you have a long and happy live together!! (I did drop mine first withing 3 hours…)

My personal tip is go for an Metal strap, seems most watches fall while putting the strap on, can not happen with a metal band…

I have the 42mm Galaxy Watch and it appears Facer is draining the battery.
With stock face I get 3 days. With Facer I get less than 24hrs with everything but bluetooth off

3 day’s on the stock face ? hmmm that is pretty good with that little battery. I run my S3 Classic 2 day’s (with Facer and the Gear (the new one) double that to 4 day’s…

I have to say I don’t use silly animation and crap on a face and don’r use the “alway’s on” function.

I’m not saying your using the wrong face but on those AMOLED display’s it really make a difference what face you are using. More real black does wonders for your durability

FYI I use this face: alex zak - Aqua Weather w/ Heart Rate - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer which is mostly black.
I admit I was using the always on but its very minimal with this face.
Will try a different face before uninstalling Facer

I’m pretty confident that Facer isn’t the issue. Check WIFI settings(I found some glitches where it’s turning on unexpectedly), weather refresh frequency, GPS settings, etc. My 46mm has been getting between 2 and 5 days with various combinations irrespective of Facer or not. Mostly with always on faces I’m at 30% after 48 to 72 hours. That’s way better than my S3 with the same faces and settings. FYI. This includes wearing the watch to bed for sleep tracking where the HR monitor continues to work.


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Update: was still getting around 24hrs with any Facer face. Removed facer and reset device and am back up to nearly 3 days with stock face and same settings.
Working it out usage, Facer was using 3 to 3.5% per hour and stock is using 1 to 1.5% per hour.
Pretty significant difference.

@r.loffler Samsung is rolling out a software update that deals with battery and apps. My husband got his update about 4 weeks ago on his samsung sport, and i just got mine 2 days ago on my samsung s3 frontier . So it depends on who your provider is and when they send out the update… Hopefully that will help. It helped me