Gauge type rotation help needed

Hi all,
I’m trying to create a gas gauge type element that shows the phone battery level. I’ve got one that works properly for the watch battery already but if I use the same tag for the phone (with PBN replacing BLN) it doesn’t work and I just dunno why. Any ideas? Here’s the tag:
And here’s the gauge:

Hmm- doesn’t look like the link worked. Regardless- if the gauges were the same, starting and ending point on the gauges the same… shouldn’t the tag work the same as long as PBN is where BLN would be for a watch battery?

This code works perfectly as far as i can tell how are you testing it?


To help debug, you could try placing #PBN# in a text object, upload it to your watch and see what value you get. It it returns in incorrect result or “–” then the problem may be with your smartwatch and/or the watch-phone interface.

Also, have you checked that the watch app on the phone is connected to your watch? If my Samsung Galaxy Watch loses connection with the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app on my phone then the phone battery display on my watch stops working.

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Uhh… actually I haven’t uploaded it to my watch yet. Doh! I was testing it just by moving the time slider at the bottom of Creator. The watch battery hand moves as it should but the phone battery hand does not. Will upload now… thanks!

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