GAUSS Blue Steel

Let´s go Sci Fi… :wink:

I love to play with animations and with light effects…

This is my newest creation and i hope you enjoy it.

Greetings, GAUSS


Wow. So amazing. I dont know how you do it. Such great work.

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Thank you! Was some work to do…

great animation and lights

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nice job @GAUSS. the flickering light on the hands is especially cool.


Do we have another success?
Always graphically perfect and clean.

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Success? Hm. Time will tell. :slight_smile: But i loved to create it…

Thanks for your nice words.

I like to zoom in and see all the detail in your work, which by the way is utterly rediculous. (In a good way) Another epic creation, well done.

Wow! Outstanding work! That is the most amazing one yet.

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Another great design.

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Thanks a lot for your nice words!

That second hand is pure magic :slight_smile:

This is a beauty!! I wish my eyes were better, I would use this!!

Thank you very much, @rips6pack!

Yes, the texts are not that big on this one…

Greetings, GAUSS.

I like the play of lights!