GAUSS Centurion

Hi! I want to present my newest baby… and i am really proud of it…

Its a futuristic themed watch, developed totally in Autocad, finetuned with Photoshop for Animation and light effects.

I made one Version with multiple colours (blue/green/red) and a blue one (which is my personal favourite).

I hope you enjoy it!

Greetings, Phantasico


Awesome design, great work! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much.

This makes me wish I had not let my AutoCAD skills diminish. I used to be rather good with it but that was twenty years ago. Excellent work on this design. So intricate, and futuristic. I could see someone from a future space station wearing this exquisite design.

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@GAUSS Love the blue one also, love that heart beat type of animation, awesome work

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It’s not really nice on the battery of my Galaxy gear… It looks great but it really use the hardware like your working with prime numbers… great design but it seems you lost the focus on what a watch should do (telling the time).

The smart part of it is what it does behind the face…

And sure, I will get attacked for this but it’s not such a dumb view on it … I’m simple, A 300 dollar watch should show me the time right away without a expedition around the face… most premium designers are adding soooo much to a face that the whole idea of an watch is gone… but hey if it get you an nice house keep doing it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great Job! I really admire your designs, you have a really good taste! Congratulations on your new face @GAUSS ! Greetings!

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Thanks a lot for your nice words but this isn‘t a new watch face.

It‘s from march.


Just had a closer look on your small collection and i like it.


I build, whatever my creativity tells me to do.

I like to play with fiction & reality and i really don‘t care what you think a watch must have or not.

It‘s your personal opinion, that‘s all. And your opinion seems to be very variable.

You tell all people here always about your great Rolex - far better than every smartwatch. If you want to have a watch that only tells the time - get a cheap casio - it does the job as well. If you want to drive a car a Prius does this Job as good as a Mustang.

Do you want to know where my Rolex and Tag Heuers are now? Deep down in a drawer- I love all the features that modern smartwatch have.

You tell me i lost my focus but a lot of people seem to think like me so maybe that‘s the reason why i have 1,4k followers.

They share my visions, like my style and don‘t mind was has to be or not. They use their fantasy and don´t live in a dull and boring reality where a watch only has to tell the time.

BTW: When i made it i was far away from premium designer status.


You tell him Phantasico. Your work is impeccable!!