Gauss Focus Watch Face

Hi all. Another experimental watch face i like to present, but with a fine look as well.

The Cover in the Inside is working exactly like in real Photo-Cameras. Time is only visible after watch is activated. In Dim Mode this watch is truly saving Battery-Power … (i think so)

:slight_smile: I hope, you gonna like this special Edition Concept-Watch for Photographic Enthusiasts.

Greetings, Phantasico aka GAUSS


@GAUSS! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! looks great!

I’m right in the middle of my OWN camera lens watch and you beat me to it! LOL hahaha!

oh well, no worries, I’ll turn mine into something else. I have another idea!


Looks great.

You could do some clever changes to the lens text. Swap Canon for Facer, change the focal length and aperture to time and date, lens cap size to watch power level.


What have i done? :wink:

Sorry for that. I had to create it because i am big photographic enthusiast myself.

But you can make your own one, for sure it will be great as well, only different.

I need to get a new Canon lens. I’m been rocking my 18-135 for about 8 yrs now. I wish I could afford one of those zooms with a f2.8. Or a solid 85mm with a f1.4 would be nice.

Do you post any pictures online? What’s your Instagram?

Thanks @eradicator09.

Nice Tip.

I was thinking about that too when i created the watchface, but then i decided to make a total clean, pure look, with only the simplest infos, hidden in DIM-Mode.

But maybe i will build a Focus 2.0 with special abilities. :wink:

By the way - The battery-Consumption really seems to be very low. I am testing it today.

Canon lenses are very expensive, i know - but they are worth every penny.

I do own the expensive ones, 35-70, 70-200 and the macro IS USM. Altogether they have had a price of a good used car. :frowning:

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