Let´s go Halloween.

Had some spare time left and experimented with different types of animations…

Watch a spooky, foggy graveyard with a scary monstertree, dark clouds, unholy blue glow, zombies, flickering pumpkins, flying bats, a black widow and an eerie ghost light.

This very special watch face is my personal present for Halloween. Nearly every item is animated and i added a dark dim-mode to save battery power.

Special: The size of the mouth from the spooky tree shows the Battery level. Wide open=full, Closed=empty.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful animated piece of art.

Greetings, GAUSS


Darkly beautiful!!

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Yes I do. I love it! :heart_eyes:

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Amazing! I like the fog, the tree, everything! Great work @GAUSS !!

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Wow that’s awesome @GAUSS! Looks great!

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spider is great! :wink:

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Thank you @ll!

Took some time since all animations were in the right speed.

Great job, an definetly fun for the holiday!

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Nicely done!


Well done, my kids love it.

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Really like it! The dim mode especially - Very spooky!

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the zombie, the spider, the fatuous fire, the hand that emerges from the ground, in short, I like it.

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Fabulous job. Thanks for designing for square & round. I hope my watch can run it for more than 8 hours before the tree’s mouth closes :slight_smile:

Thanks. I am sure it will.

The AOD-Mode doesn‘t consume much on this one, Luke. :wink:

Mine is at about 60% after12h and i wear aHuawei Classic.