GAUSS proudly presents the "Sunbeam"

Hi @ll. Just finished another watch face. It´s the GAUSS-Sunbeam. It´s animated in a nice Transformer effect. If you want to try out, just tap on the calendar field. As well it´s customizable in four color combinations.

I hope you like.


Wow mate that is beautiful well done

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Thank you very much, @dazstacey

Amazing work.

Love the animation.
Can´t figure out how you have done that one.

The presentation is superb.
Wondering what took more hours, the banners or the watch :laughing:

Great job, and indeed you should be proud

Is the background composed of triangles and you move/rotate them at different rate to create that folding effect ?

Thank you. Exactly -that‘s the way i did it. 5 triangles animated with specific rotation angles. Combined with a var-switch.

The banner didn‘t take as much time as the watch face but i prefer watch making… :wink:

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Wonderful! I love the animation to reveal the nicely presented information screen. The banners are great as always. Well done on another great face!

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I should have said @Gauss, I also like the surprise of going from a classic analog face to a highly detailed information screen! Very cool!

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Wooww i love the animation and the smoothness is second to none , great job !

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Thank you both! I always wanted to try to combine this two features. Classic for an elegant look and, if desired, all necessary informations.

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Beautiful! The color options are great.


Exceptional work.

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