GAUSS-Route 66 - a very special experiment

Hi. Another freebie for today. This watch face is the most complex i ever built. It´s more a tech demo, some sort of simulation, where i wanted to find out the boundaries of the facer creator.

Since i am not sure if everything is working perfectly on every smart watch i decided to release it for free.

It would be apperciated a lot to get some feedback when you try it out…

I hope you enjoy. Greetings, GAUSS.


Well, you gave it today. I wanted to do something similar, too, although I am encouraged by the film, another film Interstate 60: Episodes of The Road :wink:

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It worked fine on my Gear S3 Frontier though a tad sluggish to load on wake. It also worked on my TicWatch E test watch, but was extremely slow to load on wake. It was dropping back to dim mode before it completely loaded. Which on that watch is not any surprise at all. I love the idea and am a big fan of Route 66. I’ve made several Route 66 themed faces myself.

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Thanks for the feedback. It‘s really a big file, about 150 different layers - for clouds, rain, snow, flashes, illumination, background landscapes … i am used to work with a big load of layers but in this case even i had my problems…

Nice concept. The animation seems ok on my Fossil gen5 (i dont know how smooth it should be)
I noticed a few bugs.

  • It doesn’t show the temperature, only the C (watch is set to metric)
  • It doesn’t show the percentage in the bottom right (dont know what it represents)
  • It shows both am and pm at the same time (my watch is set to 24h)

Edit: when i loaded it again it asked for location permissions and then the temp and percentage shows. So only the am/pm remains (and perhaps you should hide the C when there is no temp)

Good to hear. Thanks for the feedback. I will have a look tomorrow.