GAUSS Toothless Nightfury

Hi @ll. Made another animated fan art watch face for my children. Thius time it´s the cutest dragon ever in film history: Toothless Nightfury form the films and series “how to train a dragon”.

I hope you enjoy it, i used all my facer creator animation skills to create it as realistic as possible.

Greetings, GAUSS.


How wonderful! Love the colours and the animation is fantastic as always !

Well done! Looks really cute. You going to be okay making the face of that character? Don’t want the film company to be upset.

Well, i don‘t think they would be upset. This is only fan art and i don‘t get a dime for it.

Would be a big difference if i sell it…

That’s true. Just wanted to make sure you are in the clear.

I am. If they would contact me i would immediately take it down. But if not i can make some people in the world happy. :wink:

Awesome as always!
Well done GAUSS! :slight_smile:

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Great Watchface.

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