GAUSS Zero ... one for the boys... ;-)

My second introduction for december, the GAUSS-Zero.

This one is for the boys… :wink:

I like it a lot and it looks very nice on my new ticwatch pro. Watch out for the AOD-mode!

But decide for yourself whether you like it or not. It´s in the shop now.

Greetings, GAUSS.


Really like this one too. Dim mode is awesome. You always have some of the best DIM modes.

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I know I’ve got it!! Another premium design!!

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Another center, congratulations…

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Thank you very much!

Yes! He is very dim! Oh wait, that’s not what I meant!

Phantastic face!

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Lol! Thank you!

So why do I have to have Facer Premium to purchase this one?

You don‘t have to have premium to buy…


When I hover over the shopping cart it says I need Facer Premium to synch.

Strange. I will ask the @Facer-Staff about this issue.

Awesome Design by Awesome Designer!

Oh, thank you very much for the nice words.