Gear 3/Facer issue

I am having issues. I bought a gear 3 and ended up giving it to my fiance’s son. He doesn’t use it and gave it back to me. I wiped it clean and went through the set up process. I can’t get the Facer Companion App to install/update. It says that it needs updated and to uninstall Facer and reinstall. Facer isn’t even installed on this watch. I didn’t have this much issue setting it up the first time when I got it. What am I doing wrong?

Maybe just a fluke. I had to re-setup several watches after getting a new phone. One of them had something similarly random keeping me from being able to install Facer. Eventually I just started over… reset the watch again and set it up. This time it worked, Facer installed fine. Mine was a wearOS watch but it could turn out the same way on your Samsung.

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