Gear S2 and AOD

the watchface normally works fine, but the AOD does not show the right face. it shows instead the normal face a little darker and the second hand stops. but this hand should not be there.

@js1 can you share a picture of that AOD?

I just started the gear s2 new. from now on it shows the normal watchface and after a time this fades away and the face is completely black.
the DIM is completely ignored and so the AOD.
May be I misunderstand handling of DIM and espacially AOD.
I think DIM and AOD will work together but DIM I can configure directly
and switch it with normal function in the editor. but on the gear it does not work.
what ist now the difference to AOD?

HI have gear S2 connected with iPhone 5s. The facer app is working fine unless Always On Display is turned off. When AOD is turned off and when screen wakes after going to sleep, the watch face freezes. As if i am watching screenshot of watchface. But when AOD is turned on it works fine. Now whats the use of watchface when i can not see the time and just see the screenshot of watchface? I am using version of facer app, tizen and ios 11.2.6

I teste some changes and suddenly with AOD on it works fine.
So I think I will leave it at moment.

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Thanks for the report! We identified the issue which is indeed isolated to Samsung S2 with AOD disabled. We should be able to publish a fix for this in the next few days. Thanks so much for your patience!


Where is that fix for the S2? I’d love to use Facer, but AOD is a show stopper.

Hi! It should be in the Galaxy App Store as of this morning. Version is 4.2.8.

I have the gs2, when trying to use the AOD it doesn’t even come on. When I go to look at the watch when I hit a button the AOD flashes for a brief moment. I do have the most current Facer app. When I try one of the watchfaces that came with the watch the AOD works fine.