Gear S2 Classic Watch - Altimeter

Hi everyone, I am helping someone with their Samsung Gear S2 watch, the altimeter information is not working in facer. I have tried and worked with the user to find the permission settings on the watch to give Facer the permissions to the sensor, but we are unable to find the application permission settings on the watch. Does anyone have the Gear S2 watch and know where the permissions for the sensors are located?

Thank you in advance for your help!!


Hello, check first if the watch has the air pressure sensor at all. If I remember right, the Gear S2 did not have such one (floor counter did not work on them). I guess facer does not get the altitude data from watch GPS.

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Hi @petruuccios, Thank you for the feedback - I did check and this site from Samsung (Samsung Gear S2 & Gear S2 Classic: Specs | Samsung UK) does specify the following sensors; Acc, Gyro, HRM, Barometer, Ambient light.


I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have an air pressure sensor or the stair counter. The altitude and barometer are a downloaded app.

Have you checked too be sure the watchface provides that? I’m going to take a look, I know for, say, metric or classic, you can find those by scrolling through all of the watch faces and the very last box will have some tools. Good Luck.