GEAR S3 contacts issue

GEAR S3 contacts issue…I use GEARS on an iphone 6s and for the most part all work. One problem I cannot get over is how to delete a contact when it is on the Gear S3. Contacted Samsung support and they insisted that you can tap a contact on the gear s3 and you get an option to delete…which I don’t get.
I have RESET GEAR, no change
I have REBOOTED then RECOVERY and still all contacts remain.

Is there any way to do a master clear on the GEAR S3 and wipe everything off including contacts.

Tried this in the old TIZEN and also with TIZEN

By the way creating a contact works ok, if I create a contact in Outlook, it then goes to phone contacts and then to gear s3, but delete works in outlook, phone but not in gear s3.

Thanks in advance