Gear S3 face not updating with display off

I’m using a Facer face on my new Gear S3… to conserve battery, I have the Always On disabled so the display blanks completely.

With a Samsung face, the display graphics (eg. watch hands) seem to keep updating in the display off state so, when you move to check the time and the display activates, the hands are in the correct position. Cool!

With a Facer face, the graphics are not updating so, when the display is activated, the time is wrong for an instant and then you see the hands jump to the correct time and begin moving smoothly. Booooo!

Is there a setting for this? can Facer be updated to correct this? Is it just something to do with the Facer face I’m using?

same issue continues for me… I’ve decided that, until I can find a fix, I won’t be using Facer or buying any Facer faces.

When I glance at the watch, it should ALWAYS show me the correct time without the need to a pause for a second to make sure the display is fully refreshed. I love my S3 and the idea of having unlimited selection of faces.

Can anybody help? I’m thinking that this is less to do with the face designers and primarily a Facer platform issue. My opinion is that the display needs to be “refreshed” in the background… if this is a battery life concern, maybe an option in Facer to allow user adjustment?

As a reference, I don’t see this issue when I’m using stock S3 faces or those from the Samsung site.

Thoughts? Comments?

Similar issue with my Gear Sport. My main concern was that the weather and phone battery levels did not or infrequently updated when the the watch. To fix the issue I put the watch to always on and it seemed to fix the problem. Still has a slight lag, i.e. about 1-3 percent lag on with battery level - what shows on phone vs on watch. On some of my watch faces the seconds tend to not move when the screen is in always on display, but the phone and weather and minutes work fine, barring the lag with phone charge and weather.

@Facer_Official I have this issue as well. It’s very very annoying. Can anything be done about it?

Galaxy Gear Sport
When the display is always on, when woken the time is up to date and correct.
When the always on display is off, upon wake there is a delay until the time is updated.

VERY annoying if I just want to do a quick time check. I’ve told people the wrong time because of this!

Completely understand the frustration about the delay in updating. I keep my watch with the Always on display turned on but I lilke my watch to still look like a watch when im not directly looking at it and can get a quick check of the time without having to wake the screen. It cuts the battery a little more but just my preference.

I understand and that’s really the only way I can use Facer on by Gear Sport. The wake delay is very noticeable and very annoying. I’m not sure it can be fixed, but it would be great to get a response from @Facer_Official on the issue. I didn’t see one in my searching.

Thanks for your report - we’re currently working with Samsung to try and fix a number of issues that happen when AOD is disabled, that delay included. We’ll update this post when it’s fixed!

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Thanks for the reply!

Hi. So is there any updates on this subject? As far as I know, this issue still persists to this day. Any hope to get a fix any time in the future?

Hey, so just like mikenwoodard asked a month ago. Is there an update to this?
Because I just bought a Gear S3 and noticed the watchskins in the Samsung Store are very limited. So your app is almost a must. But with this issue it is almost un-usable.
So I’d like to know if Samsung has been working with you to resolve this or if they’ve been ignoring you with this issue. Because otherwise I will consider switching to Gear OS.