Gear S3 issues?

Okay so I wanted to start using facer for future face builds now that it can support all Wear and Tizen watches. I created a few the other day and shared among followers for testing. Here are a few things they have reported back to me on the ones I made as well as others they have tried…

Only about 50% say the app is working 100% for them, well even then quite a few of them say they can’t store the faces they sync on the watch, or even save them in their watchbox by tapping the heart icon after they sync it if a free face, only paid faces are being stored, but only in the app on phone not on the watch. So unlike on my Huawei (or faces they add via gwd) they can’t simply hold to open the app on watch and select different faces, they have to find again via a search in the mobile app or via desktop and re-sync it every time they want to change faces.

The other 50% are split with some saying faces gets stuck on one mode when they have AOD mode enabled on their watch (active or dim, or day/night if using time based conditionals), or it will work but the seconds hand doesn’t work on active mode, or they can’t even sync faces to the watch at all because every one they try to sync just continuously keeps trying to reload even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app. On my Huawei everything seems to be fine and even some S2 users have mentioned it’s working good for them, but the S3 users are having all kinds of strange things occurring.

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Hi @KWC! Thanks for the detailed report! Our team is investigating these issues and we’ll release a fix shortly!

Sounds good. Also curious if there is a way to have taps for say switching between multiple sets of hands, dials (images not colors) scale/zoom, or true chronograph complications with start/stop and reset functionality via tap?