Gear S3 optimization

Almost daily i get a comment on one of my watch faces that says: “this face will not complete optimization on my gear S3. I wouldn’t buy.” This has been an ongoing issue for at least a couple months. I have a gear S3 so i know that my face works fine but apparently a lot of people are having issues synching faces to the gear s3. Has Facer addressed this issue?

Hi there!

Sorry you are getting these types of comments, we are aware of the issue and actively working on it. The core of the issue is that some watch faces are a bit too memory intensive for certain models of the Gear S3 (seems to be mainly impacting the LTE model). Our team is working on a way to optimize the watch faces on the fly to ensure they work on all devices at all times and we’re hoping to improve the situation in the next few weeks. The good news is that it will require no changes in your design, and will also drastically speed up the syncing time for all watch faces on our platform. Hopefully not much longer to wait until we get there - we definitely appreciate your patience!