Gear S3 Weather

Hello I recently made my first watch face for the gear S3 frontier and one of the items on the face is displaying incorrect information
The widget in question is the weather icon which displays a temperature that can’t be found either in the accuweather or in the google app. I was wondering where the widget pulls its data from and if there is a way to get it to display the correct information
Thanks for your help

On the Gear S3, I too have been seeing that Facer is not working very well at all using Facer’s Weather TAGS. I’m only trying to use five Facer TAGS in my watchface and it seems that Facer just isn’t up to the challenge when it comes to the Gear S3.

The #WTH# for Today’s High and #WTL# for Today’s Low TAGS are totally worthless on the Gear S3. Nothing else to say about that!

(The #DISDAYTIME# TAG for sunrise/sunset is a few hours off. I use it in both ==true and ==false mode for image transparency, and the false image appears a few hours before sundown, then the last hour before sundown the true image will re-display.
I’m using #DISDAYTIME# with the #WCCI# TAG for current condition. The #WCCI# TAG seems to be doing OK except for a delay since Facer doesn’t appear to be checking and updating the #WCCI# information too often.)

Display image 1 during daytime using transparency
Display image 2 during nighttime using transparency

It’s just the #WLC# TAG for Location that doesn’t seem to have an issue, but I’ve only traveled to two different locations where it would change, but it did change.

I like Facer since you don’t have to be vetted as a programmer or give them your life history just to make what’s mine (my Gear S3) MINE by using something I designed. However, they really need to get the Gear S3 supported better.

Where does Facer get the weather data from???

Because I noticed the default weather app on the Gear S3 shows ‘The Weather Channel’ even though when you look at the pictures for the Gear S3 weather app in the Gear store it shows ‘AccuWeather’.

To add even more confusion, the Samsung Gear Weather app description in the Gear store says it will only work if the related phone app is installed on the mobile phone. Get this, the default Samsung Galaxy S6 weather app/widget shows ‘AccuWeather’.

So, the default Samsung weather app on the S3 watch shows ‘The Weather Channel’ while the default Samsung weather app on the S6 phone shows ‘AccuWeather’ Very strange…

But, even with these differences, the default Gear S3 weather app is in sync with the Galaxy S6 weather app on my phone.

It was my understanding that it uses the Yahoo Weather API. I’ve seen you complain about the #WTH# and #WTL# tags a few times. I think you misunderstand how the tag works. #WTH# displays the highest temperature so far for the day, while #WTL# displays the lowest. I think you want the forecasted high and low temperatures for today, which is #WFAH# and #WFAL#.

Well, those #WFAH# and #WFAL# tags do exactly the same thing on the Gear S3 since they are completely wrong too. It appears that no matter which weather TAGS I try to use on the Gear S3 for high’s and low’s Facer just doesn’t display anything near correct data at all.

I’m not sure how I could have even interpreted Facer’s manual description for the #WTH# and #WTL# tags the way you are explaining them. If they put the word ‘overall Today’s High’ then maybe I could have.

Also, the way I understood what the #WFAH# and #WFAL# tags are from their current manual description, those tags would be for tomorrows high and low forecast and not today’s. But irregardless, Facer isn’t displaying any high’s and low’s correctly at all anyway.

#WTH#…Today’s High…86
#WTL#…Todays’ Low…63
#WFAH#…Forecast Day 1 High…86
#WFAL#… Forecast Day 1 Low…63

Oops- my bad. Turns out they only use Open Weather. They used to offer a choice between Yahoo Weather and Open Weather, but abandoned Yahoo Weather due to changes to its’ API.

Would be nice if we could access the raw data from the API to compare it against. I’ve noticed it sometimes works, and sometimes doesn’t. After updating the software, the data is way off for a while then stabilizes.

I’ve got a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and a custom Facer Watchface. I’ve tried multiple ways to get the correct weather data but it’s nearly always wrong or very wrong.

Right now I have the #WCCT# that’s usually within a degree or two, yet is always different from the temperature both on my phone and in the native weather app on the watch (Weather 2.0.31 is all it says).

The #WTH# and #WTL# tags show incorrect data and I’m not even sure rcoaster knows what he means when he says “so far for the day” considering the day is 10 hours old and it’s surely been colder than 20, yet that’s what it’s showing as the #WTL#. I’ll try the “forecasted” one, but I agree that it’s most likely for tomorrow (Forecast Day 1 surely wouldn’t be today…).

And I’ll ask the same question: Where does Facer get its weather data? I’m happy to install something on my phone to get my watch weather to be correct, I just need to know where to look.

I also found out that the weather won’t update unless I’ve got my “location” turned on in my phone. It’s a battery drainer, so I’d turned it off and set the weather app settings to be manual, but apparently that’s not allowed.

It’s too bad Facer’s got such a neat design interface, because so much of the other stuff just doesn’t effing work.