Generic smart watch using Facer

When I try to set up Facer on my generic, no brand smartwatch I can not install Facer on the watch. It is assumed that the watch already has it installed. How do install it?

When I try to look for a watch to use, there is no generic watch. Most watches listed have Android Wear installed on the watch. What watch do I select?


I’m afraid Facer is only available today on Wear OS (Android Wear) and Tizen smartwatches (Samsung Gear S2/S3/Sport). What exact watch do you have? Is it truly not branded?

There is absolutely NO brand name on it. Also, there is no way too find out on the watch settings. I just wasted $40 on a piece of junk I saw advertised on Facebook. It took 3 weeks to ship from China. You get what you pay for.

If provide pictures of both the front and back of the ‘smart’ watch (and/or the website) it may be possible to identify. It is till likely to e running Wear OS (possibly an early version).

I gave up on the Chinese watch. I turned it over to my credit card company. I just bought a Samsung Gear S3 Classic with 4G. What app do I have to install on the S3 to get Facer to work and how do I install that. companion app?

You should have been prompted (on your shiny new Gear S3) to install Samsung Gear on your smartphone.

Assuming you did so … go into ‘Samsung Gear’, into ‘Apps’, and use search to find ‘Facer’ …

Update: If you have the latest update to '‘Galaxy Apps’ you can actually install ‘Facer’ from your Samsung watch …