Get a hold of facer about issue?

How do I get a hold of Facer directly about an issue I am having with creator and weather tags?

You could try emailing support at:

In the meantime, have you asked the community here? Sometimes others have had a similar problem so they can help.
I tried to look, but I kept getting an error for your profile. The contact email for Facer was included here: Account Deactivated?
It is not in your best interest to address someone as “Captain Obvious”, so you may want to change that if you are looking for help.

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I did ask the community first, and I did several searches on it before asking for direct contact to facer. The captain obvious comment was in reference to an individual who didn’t answer a question I had, but rather just berated me, by telling me “If you get kicked out, you deserve it, you obviously did something wrong.” (hence “captain obvious”) If you read later in that thread, you’d see that someone told me that they were grateful I was taking this as a learning experience instead of just complaining about it.

The error in my profile might have to do with using a capital “S”…it’s needs to be lowercase…which drives me crazy; here it is:

Anyways, thank you for link to contact facer direct, hopefully I can get some sort of solution that I have been posting about or searching for here in the community (love the community!)

Have a great day

Yes, I realize that, but it doesn’t make your name calling ok. We are a community of people who may not use English as a primary language. It can be easy for all of us to misinterpret. Most likely in an attempt to be helpful, the comment about deserving it meant that if someone intentionally tries to circumvent rules, he deserves to have a design removed. Changing a well-known brand design or name by a few characters does not make it legal. That is common sense to many but others need to be reminded of their mistake. Yes, it is a learning experience. Other than that, I’m not on the backend at Facer, so I don’t know what the problem is with your account. The only thing I can suggest is to make sure whatever images you have used in your designs are your artwork or that you have the artist’s permission to use them. If you find anything via Google images, navigate to the source and read the guidelines for using them. Note: I’ve seen take-down violations on so-called “free” image sites, so even those images are not always 100% guaranteed safe.

Facer is a lot of fun, so I hope you get your account and creator issues fixed soon.


thank you for your concern. I still have no idea if there is a “number” of violations one has before an account is closed or what. That was the initial question on that other post, and it still has not been answered. I truly don’t want it to happen again. And when I reach out to a community, and someone doesn’t answer my question, but still replies with “if you did it you deserve it” after all the hard work I’ve done…that is offensive. I think using “thanks caption obvious” which is a reference to a tv commercial, nothing more, is not inappropriate. Did you reach out to that other individual who wrote that response to me? Probably not. And you know what, that is ok. I’m fine with it. I love facer, and just want to keep creating really cool watch faces and interacting with people and learning more. Thank you for the email address to get directly to facer, I have already emailed them concerning my weather tag issues.

Have a wonderful day,
Silvio :slight_smile: