Get logged out every time I close the app

Is there a way I can stay logged in when I close the phone app?


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@jmorga106 which part are you logged out of? The community? or everything?

Everything. Every time I open the app it says I haven’t made any designs yet (and I have to login)

@jmorga106 we’ve had a few users report that for several months, but could never reproduce it on our side. So, lucky you, you’re gonna help us figure it out :wink:

Has this just started happening? Or was it always like that?

Hey there,
It just started happening right after the 4.0 upgrade


That’s really odd. Does it happen immediately if you login, then kill the the app, then restart? or only after long usage?


So recently:
a. I got a system update (Motorola Droid Turbo II) to system software 25.216.2 on SEP 6.
b. I thought I might have gotten a Firefox browser uptick
c. Facer 4.0.0_4106 update.

What do you think about just flushing the whole app from the phone and reinstalling it?

@jmorga106 and @Facer_Official

I have the same issue.
I do believe that in my case is since I cannot update the app to the latest version (where I am at now) that might cause that conflit.
Have you tried to update the app to the latest version @jmorga106 ?
Try to remove the app from your device and clean all cache files and reinstall.

Tell me if it worked out

@jmorga106 @313 we’ve heard from users that uninstalling and clearing the cache does solve the issue.

Could you try that and report back?


Wasn’t that what I wrote??
In any case, after a week attempting to update my app, finally managed today and guess what… still the same

@Facer_Official, do you normally check the messages from your users? And reply to them?

yeahhhhhhhhhhh that worked. Dropped the app, then I ran Power Clean to remove any remnants. Waited til I got home, reinstalled, reattached my Huawei, changed a few faces. Then closed the app, reopened and I’m still logged in (yay!). Then I closed the app and reopened again about 30 mins later - still logged in (double yay!).

I should have just done that from the start. I’ve done it in the past even just from a housekeeping standpoint. Worked previously as well.