Get some more help please? [Fading in and out and rotate like gyroscope]

Hey all again.

Around 5 days ago i needed help and @lucky.andrei went above and beyond (gentlemen and a scholar) I’m here to beg for help again i apologize in advance lol.

i have two questions

1st question Re: Fades or fading in and out. after many hours going through the many tags and codes i think i have found the code for fading an image in and out but no matter what i do i can not get it to work. i am able to sequence an image on and off with a loop etc but cant seem to be able to fade the image into or out off the sequence.

using my previous example, i place a star png onto a watch face is there a code to make this fade in and out so the star is effectively shining? would this code be entered into the opacity box?

2nd question Re: A gyro motion. @lucky.andrei gave me a brilliant code for making an image rotate around the watch face in a 360’ motion honestly can not thank you enough for the help.
my question is, is there a code to make an image act as if it is on a gyroscope? for example i place a star at say 12 o’clock could i make that star effectively rotate either towards me or away from me to the 6 o’clock position and continue that rotation from say 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock, 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock?

Again i apologise for being a pain in the backside any help with these question would be massively appreciated and hopefully if answered would be for the greater good lol. i have got to view a new house today so i may be a wile getting back on to reply but again thank you for any help you may be able to provide.


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Liam, I picked this up from another thread and it seems to work really well:

To make something flicker use
Change the values to have it flicker more or less. Basically this layer has a 50/50 chance of showing up and it pulls random numbers every millisecond I think. There is two ways you can change how often it becomes visible.

  1. Change the range of random numbers it picks. Like instead of 0,50 you could do 0,500.
  2. The other option is change the window of true numbers. So if you left it at 0,50 and said >=10 instead of 25 then you reduced the chances of it appearing from 50% to 20%. Raising that number would be the opposite effect.

I hope that helps for your first question. The second question maybe @lucky.andrei or one of the others can help you. I’m not very good on those kind of issues.


To fade out and fade in I use the following formula in the Opacity field. If you want to slow down the action, then do not multiply #DWE# but divide, example #DWE#/2 The bigger the division digit, the slower everything happens.


Two images in the lowermost layers. bd circles.png


Look at this post, maybe it’s better.

What will this rotation depend on? Any minutes or other event?
There is such a guide to gyroscope

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to @mrantisocialguy & @lucky.andrei honestly i thank you both whole heartedly this coding business is kind of addictive and as a complete noob i am loving the deep end immensely. thank you so much for your links to tutorials and such i am going to spend a couple of hours and have a play with a new watch asap hopefully a new face will be available soon incorporating these codes.

@lucky.andrei Re rotation depend on i was thinking in my mind seconds to mins similar to the tag #DWFSS# but being a noob i had no idea if it was possible hence why i begged to your expertise lol i do believe the TOMAJA tutorial you have linked will be very very helpful so ill attack on that first before i bother you any more lol.

Again thank you very much for your replies


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@lucky.andrei this was exactly the kind of fade option i was hoping for, i have just looked over the beating/ fading heart and although it is a brilliant piece of code and i am sure would make the heart image look fantastic. Would i be correct in assuming the heart would fade with the #ZHR# tag. i myself have a micheal kors greyson which does not support heart rate monitor, with this is mind i try to consider that not all watches have these functions so i am most definitely more inclined towards your fade option over the heart rate option to hopefully ensure more people can get the most out of a watch face that i could make. i hope this made some form of sense lol


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This is my very bad explanation of what i meant by the gyro effect. I would not need it to move on the gyro tag although that is bloody awesome that it could be done that way the #DWFSS# movement would be perfect for what i had in mind.
is it possible to have an image not so much move up and down but more the image still rotate on a 360’ axis but as if it was coming towards you and moving away from you. so say from 12pm the star would come towards you and down to the 6pm and then away from you back to the 12pm. i feel like this cant be done but if you don’t ask you don’t know lol.

i use the term 12pm and 6pm as a visual point no so much in regards to at 12pm in real time the star would start moving i thought i would add this in just in case lol

Orbital motion is not a problem.

x: (160+(sin(rad(#DWFSS#*2-30))*40))
y: (160+(cos(rad(#DWFSS#*2-30))*150))

But we still need to increase the object in sync, I will not remember the solutions so quickly. I’ll look at it a little later.


orbital motion is exactly the word is was looking for sir thank you so!

You can also play with time so the magnification isn’t random.

Width and Height (37+(sin(#DWE#/2.5)*5))


how do i link my watch face like you are lmao so i can show you were im at at the moment lol im such a noob it hurts lol

Copy the link from the address bar and delete there ¨beta¨ if the word is in the address.


how the hell man are you god iam 99% certain your god!

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thank you so much for the fade code it is working a charm


You’re welcome. Write if you have any more questions :smile: