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Hi All,

Having looked at various posts on the subject, I’m aware that sometimes ‘contributors’ are occasionally invited to ‘Design Partner’ status.

I’m not trying to jump the gun here. I know I’ve only been on Facer for about 10 weeks, and I imagine my ‘numbers’ are insignificant compared to more established designers. Still, despite my inner-voice to remain quiet until I’ve 1k followers, I feel compelled to ask if there are any tangible measures I should aim for?

I imagine/hope originality and craft are paramount, placed in equal measure to accessibility and compatibility to the nature of the Smartwatch market. Combined, this must make the process of invitation a complex issue.

Any advice would be well received. I understand that I’ve only approaching 15k downloads over the last 4 weeks, but any advise or thoughts on the subject would help me plan the way forward.

Thanks for reading.

Richard2 (richie mac) AKA MACH-1

Buy premium account, this is the first step I think :wink: I have 150k sync and more than 2k folowers, 800 (but less and less) watchface, and i am still a free user… So if you find the answer pls… share with me ;-)))

I imagine that you guys have seen this link but just in case …


“You must have zero copyright/trademark infringement strikes.” Now failed… lol

I don’t know but I imagine the powers that be would look at a user’s history …

An early, accidental or “innocent” breach may be put down to “lesson learnt” if it is followed by X months of producing unique and non-infringing faces.

And, obviously, one should avoid trying to game the system by making almost but not exact copies of other peoples designs or swapping letters around in a trademark in an attempt to get past the automatic checks, etc. Faulex for example may not be seen as an honest attempt to follow the rules!



Just out of curiosity is it only one face you need the 5000 syncs on? I’ve also seen a similar post that said 3000 on 3 faces, is that an older criteria?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Welcome to our community @semaj-12
Your watch faces must have received at least 5,000 syncs in the past 30 days
I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s one watch face or more.


Thank you for the warm welcome :smiley:

And awesome, closing in on 8000 total after 2 months so I might meet that criteria then I guess. Will have to check!

yeah, I think those are minimum criteria, not guarantees of becoming a creator partner.

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Yeah I gathered, it’s just nice to know you’re achieving something :slight_smile:

Absolutely. I passed 5000 in 30 days a long while ago. Now just working on expanding my range and improving my artwork.

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I’ll check some of them out :slight_smile: I’m learning more in the expressions and coding side of things now.

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My range is still pretty small but I have lots of ideas.

Admittedly responding to my own question, but in light of recent responses; to elaborate beyond the fixation of syncs…

I imagine there are 6 key factors:

  1. Number of syncs (in a given period, say a rolling month).
  2. Number of followers (given this will indicate general popularity and potential for premium and paid for versions of ‘free’ faces - see part 4/5).
  3. Originality and quality of work - consistently delivered over a length of time.
  4. The capacity for any design (and designer) to create designs that have / or can offer premium facilities - user colour choice / complication changes & functional choices built in / premium functionality eg, stopwatch etc.
  5. That they bring something new to the party of established creatives.

and lastly,

  1. That they’ve not broken any of the T&C’s regarding copyright and that they bring original work to the Facer portfolio. is a commercial entity that needs to make a profit. The question all of us ‘non-creative-partners’ must ask ourselves is, ‘how we will our work contribute and improve on it’…?


Rich (aka MACH-1)


Hi all, there really isn’t a hard and fast answer to this question. Lots of people have asked this many times (myself included!) and @richard2 is pretty much right in his list, but, if I could offer any advice it would be this:

  • Don’t focus too much on specific numbers. Yes Facer want to see that your designs are popular but there are lots of designers out there getting high numbers with unoriginal/copied designs.
  • Instead, be sure that your designs are consistently original, unique and most of all that they appeal to you. (If you don’t like 'em, who else gonna?)
  • Be kind and supportive in the forums and to your users/wearers in comments.
  • And above all else, be patient and enjoy the ride of designing and seeing other people wear your designs.

You all have excellent designs so just keep on keeping on and I’m sure you’ll get there. :love_you_gesture: