GH-360 Wake - Hybrid Watch Face

So it occurred to me that the last hybrid watch face I made was not only not free, but flagged as Premium, so only a small handful (or at least feels that way?) of users could even try it out! So this watch face is specifically made to keep a somewhat “hybrid” look and functionality (with the “realistic” analog hands moving and a screen in the background), but also keeping it free for any user.

The compromise here is that the user can’t interact with the screen via touches, and there is no color-picking. Instead the way to active “Wake Mode” is to simply… wake the watch’s screen :stuck_out_tongue: either normally or maybe with a wrist flick if it’s already on and you’ve got your watch set up that way. The screen will show the extra information for a few seconds, and then go back to analog mode.

Note: You can test the Wake Mode by double-clicking the AOD button in the preview.

As always, any thoughts, suggestions, general comments, criticism… all is welcome :v:


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I Like the animation at wake up !

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