Gimme your BEST shot. Critique the brand new "Ninja Digital 5000" face!

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Give me your best “shot”! I would love to hear from the great Facer community!

Yo, what’s good, the bad and the ugly :angry:about this “bad” watch-face. > Are you feeling lucky? Welll are ya? LOL How can I become a better designer? Do you think these animations are appropriate? :strawberry: :cow2:
So this is my first foray into animated designs, I have incorporated blinking colon on digital time, a glowing secondhand, and a “breathing” image of a Yin-Yan symbol. I have (not-so) humbly called it “Ninja Digital 5000”. It’s meant to be a very low-key or stealthy/ tactical watch-face, with some critical information, but not too much squished in. It’s almost minimalist, it’s kinda sneaky, but is it deadly? Well, that’s why I invite you to try it out and see. I’m eager to spar with some of the best designers on here and try to sharpen my design skills. :heart_eyes:
At the end of the day though, I’m not out here for profit, or fame. I’m just here to “slay” (as they say in the fashion world), and I want to please a lot of people with some eye catching, useful, informational, and fun watch-face designs to put on their wrist. Hooooah!!! :crossed_swords: :black_joker: :bow_and_arrow:


Very nice design and like the animations!

Ok here goes, btw nice design!

Nice contrasting colors, use of space, etc

THE BAD (not bad, just suggestions)

  • The borders around information areas should be consistent. For example, the bottom two flow together and suggest a cohesive boundary. The time one is smaller and square. The date one doesn’t match either but is closer to the bottom two. Not sure if making the entire center area consistent would help
  • The battery area. I personally like changing colors (red, yellow, green) but that’s a personal preference. I like it so I can see at a glance without reading the actual number (if it’s green I know I have 75% left, red 25%, etc)
  • It’s hard to tell that it’s a yin yang symbol. I like that it’s breathing and doesn’t distract from the info, but maybe bump up the transparency some.
  • Are the hours and minutes at the same Y value? They seem a pixel or two off from each.
  • Similarly, the spacing between the boxed areas is possibly inconsistent. The top box seems to have a larger gap than the other two.

Using New Balance can get the watch yanked so I’d remove any references to it (if it’s a knock off of an existing design)

Thank you very much for that thorough and honest critique. This watch-face wasn’t a copy of a New Balance design, but if there’s a watch out there that looks like it, could you post it? I’m not trying to infringe any copyrights, that’s one thing I won’t do. I do my own unique work, even if I do draw inspiration from others. UPDATE: I See it now. Below the time I put in the brand of the watch that you’re wearing. So if you wear a Samsung watch, it says Samsung. I don’t know why it says New Balance, it usually says “Facer” in previews.
Yeah, the rest of the comments are totally fair, and even through I put a lot of thought and time into it, I agree with the comments. I’m not sure when, but I’ll come out with a redux version pretty soon. Thank you again @cth4242.

Sorry I didn’t mean to insinuate it… I’m not familiar with a lot of the luxury watches out there but I know it’s a touchy subject for some users here.

Anyways, thanks for the explanation, looking forward to seeing the final design!

Made a couple minor changes. A new version with cleaner lines is on the way.

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Still working on a new version of this. I don’t know though, it’s pretty good the way it is. I don’t think I’ll remove the original, since it’s so popular…