GIMP in training!

Ive just given this one an overhaul using only GIMP as a training exercise. Took some doing as I had to get my head around a few things including getting GIMP set up right. I think i got some of the basics down but still a few things I couldnt figure out properly. Iā€™m enjoying it though, although for now it takes me a lot longer than creator but i know I will learn quick and I think this first attempt was worth the effort. Made my own hand too :slight_smile:

What do you think.


Good job! :+1:

Very good job mate i cant get on with GIMP i only use it for filters i Have photoshop if i need it but my main program i use and love is REALWORLD PAINT its so quick and easy and totally free plus you can import any PS effects and filters with ease give it a try you may find you get on a lot better with it.


I prefer this version over your original. Nice job!


Thank you all, just did this one too >>

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I started with GIMP (only), then abandoned it for various other methods.

But now, I still use GIMP for some filtering, pre-editng .png and .jpeg, and final edit (removal of registration / alignment marks).

I do my real design work in Inkscape (vector-graphics editor).


for me personally i use Autodesk Autocad for the design process and adobe Photoshop cs6 for rendering
if you have access to these programs i highly recommend them !
great progress on Gimp nonetheless , keep it up:+1:

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