Give me your opinions please

This is my latest project i decided to try using glass on the display for theme purposes

Tell me what you think please


Very nice! Congrats! :thumbsup:

I like everything except for the fact that the top spring moves like that. I would keep it static or maybe allow it to show the battery by how compressed it is. I understand that you want all the gears to be moving so that we can see them but there’s just too much movement in my opinion.

clever sod, I love the below the deck shading and those hands are awesome. Only thing that looks weird to me is the tiny cog in the window near Dazza looks like its just floating in the air, especially when the other cog goes under it. I’m wondering if that one needs to be one with a centre screw?

hehe well spotted i forgot the screw will fix that

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Great job; I love these intricate designs you are are coming up with. Well done!

Really cool, great work!

Beautiful mechanics.