Glowing hands at sunset 🌇? How?

I would like to know how to make the numbers and or hands glow at sunset?

I know how to make numbers and or hands have a luminescent effect already. So I also know that I’m going to need at least a second set of numbers in hands in order for a v a r expression to be utilized. But I don’t know how to write these Expressions because I’m not a mathematician kind of guy.

This community has been very helpful with sharing their expressions for different things for us that don’t know or have a clue on how to write complicated expressions. So I asked for your help again and of course I do appreciate any assistance and guidance and even explanations of why they work the way they do. Which will help me learn how to possibly write expressions down the road as I utilize them and understand what they do.

Anyway I thank you very much and I’m sure others will be interested in utilizing an expression like this to have their numbers or tick marks plus the hour and minute hands automatically switch to a luminous hands at sunset.

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#DISDAYTIME# Returns true if time is after sunrise and before sunset

Use these in the opacity attribute.
For daytime…

For nightime…

You will have 2 sets of hands, numbers…one for daytime and another for nighttime.


Thank you very much!
I figured I needed two sets each…

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